What’s In It For You!

  • Be a part of a greater good to help kids with autism
  • Know that your donation will go directly to programming for our students
  • Ease of renewing or canceling with simply a click…
  • Automatically become a member of our Giant Steps’s Blog that will share with you all the innovative and exciting things going on at Giant Steps
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter
  • Donor acknowledgement on the G.E.M.s’ website

Why Is It Important?

Part of what makes monthly giving so important is that it provides a predictable stream of revenue. Giant Steps operates under constant financial uncertainty. With economic flux, the seasonal nature of fundraising, and the constant need to apply for grants, nonprofits often cannot count on the same disbursements each year. A recurring giving program has a collective impact that moves programs forward and allows the organization to be reactive and forward thinking.

Monthly/Recurring Giving:

  • Provides monthly income that helps Giant Steps sustain and grow our programs over time
  • Helps provide the vital materials, both paper-based and technological for our students to succeed
  • Ensures that Giant Steps is able to continue to include innovative approaches to learning and teaching to all or students

What is a Monthly Giving or Recurring Giving Program?

A recurring or monthly gift is when a donor gives repeatedly to an organization, usually at a frequency of once per month. The donor chooses how much they contribute, and they can suspend or end their donations at any time. Many nonprofits also refer to recurring giving as monthly giving.